11 x hotspots in New York

As you may already know, I’m moving to New York in September! I can’t wait. I really love the energy and bustle of the city. There’s always something to experience and there are so many fantastic hang outs where you can eat or pick up a tasty juice. Below is a list of 11 new hot spots that I love to visit when... Read more


Healthy hotspots in Amsterdam

We travel the world looking to discover new, amazing ways of enjoying food and delicious new dishes, but we will always love Amsterdam! Whether you’re a tourist visiting the city for a day or you’re a local who knows the city like the back of your hand, there’s always something new to discover and do. New... Read more


Only in Japan

When I was little, my mem (mother in Frisian) used to feed me slippery seaweed and chunks of tofu on a regular basis in addition to the five algae pills I took every afternoon. It was hyper-healthy and based on traditional Japanese ideas on healthy eating. Last month I flew to the land of the rising sun myself to... Read more


London baby!

Whenever I visit a new city, I usually try to avoid the tourist attractions. It’s much more fun to explore off the beaten track! In London, for example, it’ll bring you to quiet streets and village-esque neighborhoods full of hip food stores and great restaurants. Yeah! I’ve been to London twice in the past two... Read more


Healthy Hotspots in NY

Oh New York! How I love you! For everyone who’s planning a trip to my third home: here they are! The tips for the coolest, tastiest and healthiest places to be. And there are so many of them! The city is a health-food paradise, but I did my best to narrow it down for you. Here's a list of my favorites. - The... Read more


Hola Barcelona!

I love Barcelona! Thanks to you guys! What would the world be like without social media?! I got off the plane ready to be inspired by the best restaurants, best little tapas bars and healthy juice bars and I realized – I had no idea where to start. I asked around on Facebook and Instagram and in no time, you guys... Read more

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