Mint-Lime popsicles

I am in love with sweet and sour recipes. Especially in the summer! When the temperature goes up, one of the things I really like to make is fresh lemonade, and if I have some leftover, I make popsicles out of it right away. Winner! This easy recipe is also a guaranteed success with the younger powerfoodies ; ) Happy... Read more


Strawberry tarts

Wow, these tarts will definitely make your mama happy this Mother’s Day. These sweet-and-sour treats are nice and creamy and because they’re served cold, they’re a bit more special than your average tarts. My mem loves them! Let me know how your mama liked them in the comments below… ♡, Rens... Read more


Peanut butter fudge

For those of you who don’t already know this: I am a huge fan of homemade peanut butter. You can use it to make so many tasty and easy recipes – just as you would nut butter. Here’s a perfect example… Made especially for #peanutbutterloversday, three days ago. I really will be making this recipe a lot…... Read more


Raw cupcakes

It took several days of being holed up in the kitchen with my mother in the countryside in order for me to perfect these cupcakes. After many unsuccessful attempts, the recipe was finally approved by the most discerning critics ever: my family. Now when I travel to the North with these cupcakes in tow, I can barely... Read more


Love mousse

Love is in the air! The most romantic day of the year is here and that should be celebrated. That’s why my boyfriend and I always cook for each other on Valentine’s Day, which is truly the most romantic thing there is. We kickstart the day with this love mousse. You guys have to try it too! Happy Valentine’s... Read more



This cake has it all! It’s my favorite when I’m craving something tangy, savory, and sweet. What’s more: this cake looks fantastic too. It really steals the show, especially when you tell your guests that they can enjoy it guilt-free. If there are leftover, you can store the cake in the freezer for the next... Read more


Pumpkin bars

These bars are an icy, creamy, no bake twist on pumpkin pie! The perfect dessert for the upcoming holidays. Try it and let me know what you... Read more


Next Level Vla Flip

It's so typical Dutch and so tasty! Vla is a kind of creamy pudding but it's not all that healthy. No worries, I've got you covered! To everyone who can’t resist dessert after dinner, try this one. Pre-packaged just can’t compare.© Cameron studio, Lieke Heijn & Pim... Read more


Lemon bars

It’s summer! And that means it’s time to treat ourselves to some delicious, fresh dishes. I have a favorite recipe for every season and although my quinoa salad has received the honor for the past two years (it’s still in the top 10), right now, my lemon bars are taking the cake…Why not give them a try?... Read more



Yes! Yummy, healthy, guilty pleasures! These are a great way to treat yourself or your kids. Beets are healthy. We all know that. They’re nutritious, and full of essential vitamins and minerals, they boost your metabolism and have a positive effect on your kidneys and, last but not least, they help cleanse and... Read more


Gingerbread men

These little guys – gingerbread men – aren’t as well known in the Netherlands as they are in the US (where people are crazy about them). This isn’t the traditional recipe (which shouldn’t surprise you, coming from me!) as these cookies are free of refined sugar and gluten. They are, however, no less tasty! I... Read more


X-Mas cupcakes

Skating on the Frisian lakes, throwing snowballs at the skating rink, making igloos, taking long walks in the snow… As a kid, I was always happiest at this time of year. There was always so much to do outside or in the village. And the inside our little country home was a great place to be too! At this time of year... Read more


Rainbow Ice Pops

These ice pops are not only very cute, they’re also very good for you. The chia seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, protein, iron and fiber, which helps you feel full. Chia seeds are a good replacement for milk in your diet as they are rich in calcium and boron, which improves calcium absorption in the body. Thanks... Read more


Sweet Potato Brownies

In New York, you’ll find brownies at almost every coffee place you can think of. But they’re even better if you make them yourself and know that there’s powerfood hidden inside.© Cameron studio, Lieke Heijn & Pim... Read more

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