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My ultimate Christmas

Yay CHRISTMAS! I’ve always celebrated Christmas and enjoy it every year. When I was a kid, my favorite thing was going to school in my pajamas for the annual Christmas breakfast. It was also always so much fun to decorate our tree with Christmas balls and homemade Christmas cookies. For me, it always felt like a... Read more

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Why I’m always so positive?

Why I’m always so positive? Of course I’m not always happy and life is not always perfect. That will be impossible (especially now when I'm running my own business, but btw by far the best decision I've ever made haha ;)) But what I realized years ago is how negative emotions affected me: they have proven many... Read more


My big MOVE & On the Go

Hi guys! Here’s a little update from me. Right now, I’m in beautiful France, on vacation with the family and I thought I’d write a blog about all the things on my agenda in the coming months. In my vlogs (still in Dutch at the moment) and on social media I’ve already announced that I’m moving to New York at... Read more


Imperfections on social media

When I read this article last week on CNN’s website on the subject of how bad Instagram is terms of the mental health of young people, I was shocked. It seems that all those filters and edited photos just make people more insecure. This really hit home for me. What do people think of my posts? Do they derive energy... Read more


Let’s talk about calories

I receive comments, questions and tips every day on social media. I really value this, as it means that people are interested. It’s so great that people are engaged! I always make sure that I reply to questions and contribute to discussions. I wrote my book, On the Go, in response to the many, many requests I... Read more


New Year’s Resolutions!

At this time of year, I like to turn inward a bit more to recharge, celebrate moments, bring things to a close and slowly but surely let new dreams for the coming year take shape. It’s also an excellent time to reflect on the year gone by because so much has happened!Photo: Liselore ChevalierLast year, in January,... Read more


I’m living my dream!

Oh man! Book number two is out! And I almost can’t believe it, but Powerfood – from Friesland to New York is currently at number one! Already! The fact that my new book is in stores now is amazing enough, but that it’s become an instant success is just, wow. I can’t find the words.The production and entire... Read more

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