Booklaunch ‘On the Go’

On the 23rd of June, 2016, I celebrated the launch of my third book, On the Go, with my friends and family, the Powerteam, some acquaintances and a few members of the media. What a wonderful and emotional day! We did it!... Read more



Osawa cake is sweet, filling and creamy and it's full of nuts and dried fruits. It's a delicious snack you can have when you're having a friend over a cup of coffee for... Read more



Every Dutchie knows the 'vlaflip'. It's a delicious famous Dutch dessert, consisting of multiple layers. In this episode Rens creates her own variant, which is even more... Read more


Go Nuts Balls

I eat these little nut snacks all the time. My friends really love them, and kids will too! They’re healthy and really easy to... Read more



Champuru - which literally means mix - is a Japanse stir-fry meal. There are many different kinds of Champuru. In my recipe I use goja, a vegetable that's something between a cucumber and a melon. It's very healthy, stimulates the metabolism, keeps your blood sugar levels steady and it contains a lot of... Read more


Breakfast Cake

When I have a busy week coming up I bake this cake in the weekend, so I can cut off a piece everyday. It's the perfect breakfast: super easy, super tasty and super... Read more


Oat Milk

I'm crazy about oats. It's not the most tasty, but it's really healthy. That's why I like to use it in pretty much any of my recipes. For instance, in this episode I use it to make oat... Read more


Crunchy Crackers

In today's episode we're baking homemade crackers. Crackers are a delicious, crunchy bread substitute. When making your own crackers, you can add or leave out all the ingredients you want and make them even healthier than those you buy in store. For example I'm using roasted amaranth, pumpkin seeds and sunflower... Read more

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