Carrot Cake Bites

Yay, it’s ma birthday! And I’m celebrating with these tasty carrot cake bites. They’re an essential part of any celebratory day like a birthday or King’s Day. A must try ; )... Read more


Postpartum Overnight Porridge

If you’ve just delivered a baby, nutrition plays an important role in returning to equilibrium, which is why it’s so important to feed yourself properly. My own mama made me this creamy, filling bowl as... Read more


Creamy Veggie Noodles

Now that I’m a mama, I definitely have less time to focus on cooking. So, my new approach is to keep things as simple and nutritious as possible! This recipe is easy to make and doesn’t include a huge list... Read more


Lupini Smoothie

Today is World Pulses Day! We all know how healthy legumes are, but today I want to give a little bit of extra love to the white lupini bean. About six months ago, I wrote a blog about this healthy,... Read more


Health Glow Smoothie

Gucot Apple Cider Vinegar; my daily dose of health! Almost every day I drink 1 tbsp in a glass of luke warm water before breakfast. It makes my body very happy! But I also have days that I skip it or I add... Read more


Bye Bye For Now!

Nine months ago I became pregnant with a ‘poppe’ and we have kept the baby’s gender a surprise this whole time. Carrying this baby feels like the most normal and natural thing in the world and at the... Read more


Golden Chia Pudding

When I published my first cookbook, I was labelled the superfood girl because I shared recipes that included ‘superfoods’ like blueberries, goji berries, chia seeds and hemp seeds. Though the superfood... Read more


Lupini Bean Falafel

This tasty falafel recipe made with lupini beans and cooked in a frying pan is super nutritious and filling. The falafel is delicious served as part of a salad or in a pita (or even wrapped in a leaf of... Read more


The Tastiest Tahini Dressing

I love anything made with tahini! The spread is made from ground, freshly peeled, raw sesame seeds and has a nutty and slightly bitter taste. It can be added to homemade dips, dressings, spreads, sauces and... Read more


Mint-Lime popsicles

I am in love with sweet and sour recipes. Especially in the summer! When the temperature goes up, one of the things I really like to make is fresh lemonade, and if I have some leftover, I make popsicles out of... Read more