Banana hair mask

Is your hair in need of a little TLC? Then do I have a delicious recipe for you! This banana hair mask is quick to make, all natural and can be applied right away. Let’s... Read more


Cleansing facial

Beauty comes from the inside out. If your body doesn’t have much to complain about, you’ll glow on the outside all by yourself. Keeping yourself healthy with pure, whole foods will keep your skin happier than eating a bag of chips. What’s more, our skin is our largest organ (yes, organ!) and it tells us very... Read more


Voilà, D.I.Y. toothpaste!

My morning ritual changes with the season. In the winter, I often start the day with oil pulling and in the summer, I give my body a boost with some lukewarm, lemon water. And from time to time I don’t feel like doing any of it and I just start my day with breakfast. I love breakfast! Starting the day with scrambled... Read more


Hey it’s… oh, clay!

When I was a kid, I used to mess around in the backyard with clay from the ditch. I grew up in Friesland, of course, and we did that sort of thing there. At school during craft time we’d often get a chunk of clay to sculpt. My parents still have a couple of lovely clay creations my sister and I made on the mantle... Read more


Happy cleansing!

I love cleansing! I often cleanse my body by doing an Easy Peasy Detox. All I do is omit dairy, meat, fish, sugar and alcohol from my diet and avoid chemicals in cosmetics and perfumes for a few days. In that time, I focus on eating raw, whole and fresh foods. But every once in a while I take things a little... Read more


DETOX: Oil Pulling

I’ve been hearing amazing things about ‘oil pulling’ from just about everywhere and everyone. The claimed it works really well, feels great and that the results are amazing. So… Ever since then, I have been swishing coconut oil around my mouth for 15 minutes every morning. And, of course, I’ve done a little... Read more



Every morning, I enjoy a big cup of coffee. I love the taste and smell of it and when I have a little almond milk in my fridge, I love to make a big latte. It’s true, you really can wake me up for a good cup of coffee! I always drink herbal tea or a glass of water on the side though because coffee is a diuretic and... Read more

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