Yay for yoga

In addition to healthy eating habits, an important component of a healthy lifestyle is sufficient exercise and relaxation. We sit too often and for too long behind computer screens and at our desks in our busy workplaces. And when you sit too long, your insulin levels become unbalanced. Not good… Insulin regulates... Read more


Workout Cookies

Working out makes me hungry! This is especially true after a good run on a Sunday morning. These cookies are full of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates, which is exactly what you need during or after a tough... Read more


Summer workouts

Summer time and the livin’ is easy… Time to enjoy the sun, see your friends, experience the long, sultry evenings and go on adventures. So amazing! It’s just that tropical temperatures and beach vacations can make it a bit more challenging to keep up your workouts. Since it would be such a shame to let all the... Read more



Yeah! I did it! A little over a week ago, I ran 10 kilometers through Amsterdam with more than 6000 lovely women with one goal: reaching the finish. Everyone experienced the race differently. There were fit-girls who ran fast with a time goal in mind, I spoke to several girls that were running for a good cause, but... Read more


Abs are made in the kitchen!

Ooooh yes! I’ve been training, training and training harder. And it’s all going pretty well actually. Even running through the storm these past few days went well. The only thing I’m struggling with is finding the right balance between training, relaxing and eating. I’ve notice that because I’m training so... Read more


Who runs the world? Girls!

Okay, here I go! After having run the Dam tot Damloop once a while back, it’s time for a new challenge. I’m going to run a 10k during the We Run Amsterdam event on the 16th of May. Every year, Nike manages to get more than 20 000 women worldwide to work out together and it’s so much fun. But… Wait, what? The... Read more



Here we go again! Lazy days on the beach and cocktails are things of the past and now we have to sweat it out in the gym to lose those summer pounds again. Yippee! Sounds good to me! I’ve been active my whole life. From the time I was four, my parents made me participate in sports - which wasn’t a punishment at... Read more


Work that ass

I think I have a case of spring fever and my body is reacting to it. Summer is coming, ahhh! Which means summer nights on terraces, days at the park, as well as shorts, tiny dresses and… Bikinis! That’s why when summer’s approaching, I go the gym extra often. Not only do I feel way more energized when the sun is... Read more