Plant-based milk & yogurt

I loooove MYLK! (mylk = plant-based milk) ... Almond, walnut, oat, macadamia, coconut… I use it in so many power recipes, including my delicious oatmeal, breakfast muffins and smoothies. I also heat and froth it to add to my coffee (usually oat milk). I also love to add it to my favorite evening drinks like golden... Read more


How do I substitute an egg?

I love eggs… I eat them scrambled with toast and avocado, make omelets with them for before or after a workout and add them to my breakfast cake. Yum! I prefer to buy them from a local farmer, but if I buy them in the supermarket, I always choose bio-dynamic (Demeter) eggs. When I’m in New York, I buy them from... Read more


Adaptogens: What are they?

I have a busy, but fantastic job. These days, I live in New York, the city that never sleeps, and business as usual continues at my office in Amsterdam. I fly all over the place, making my dreams come to life. I have a positive outlook on life and venture out of my comfort zone on a regular basis. All of this means... Read more


My kitchen cupboard must haves

My little kitchen is full of tools and tasty ingredients because a well-stocked pantry and a well-outfitted kitchen are the basis of maintaining healthy eating habits. Having a well-stocked pantry means you just need to grab a few fresh ingredients and you’re on your way to cooking up a storm. In the summary below,... Read more


What’s in season?

I just love it when a new season begins. To me, the change in seasons signifies a new phase in the year, with different colors, inspiration and new (seasonal) fruit and vegetables. Yes! Whenever a new time of year begins, I like to use local, Dutch vegetables as the foundation for a new powerfood recipe. Something... Read more


Why I don’t count calories

I receive comments, questions and tips every day on social media. I really value this, as it means that people are interested. It’s so great that people are engaged! I always make sure that I reply to questions and contribute to discussions. I wrote my book, On the Go, in response to the many, many requests I... Read more


Go powerfoods!

Every day we share recipes and provide information on the ingredients we use in these recipes. As you might know, we have a few favorites that appear often in our recipes like fresh, seasonal vegetables, for example. It’s very important to us that the food we use is unprocessed, which means that it is free of... Read more


Healthy on the go… in 5 steps 

We’re all always on the go. Working hard, tending to so many social obligations and, all the while, hoping to find some time to relax. And on top of that, we also want to be fit and healthy (and stay that way). So how do you maintain a healthy lifestyle when you’re always busy? Here are my five steps ; ) Be... Read more


My favorite grains & seeds

I’m a fan! A fan of grains and seeds… I make my pancakes with buckwheat, my salads with quinoa and my crunchy crackers are full of amaranth. I even use rye in my breakfast cookies, which is very high in fiber. To give you some insight into which grains and seeds are my favorites, let’s take a tour through my... Read more


Power Kitchen equipment

A healthy lifestyle depends on fresh food, so it’s essential to get in the kitchen often and prepare your meals yourself. I know what you’re thinking, ‘you must need a super-deluxe kitchen for that,’ but even if you (like me!) live in a small home in Amsterdam with a mini-kitchen, you can get a long way with... Read more


Protein for vegetarians!

When people used to think about vegetarians, they conjured up images of skinny people dressed like hippies. They would have almost said it’s impossible to be muscular, fit and even a little fat as a vegetarian… This could not be further from the truth! Vegetarian athletes, like Maarten Tjallingii, Rich Roll... Read more