Golden Chia Pudding

When I published my first cookbook, I was labelled the superfood girl because I shared recipes that included ‘superfoods’ like blueberries, goji berries, chia seeds and hemp seeds. Though the superfood hype has died down a bit now for most, I’m still a huge fan and use them all the time in my recipes. And one of... Read more


Lupini Bean Falafel

This tasty falafel recipe made with lupini beans and cooked in a frying pan is super nutritious and filling. The falafel is delicious served as part of a salad or in a pita (or even wrapped in a leaf of pointed cabbage). I like it best with the tahini dressing... Read more


The Tastiest Tahini Dressing

I love anything made with tahini! The spread is made from ground, freshly peeled, raw sesame seeds and has a nutty and slightly bitter taste. It can be added to homemade dips, dressings, spreads, sauces and sweet dishes or baked goods. It’s origins are Middle Eastern - a cuisine I am so inspired by. This dressing is... Read more


Mint-Lime popsicles

I am in love with sweet and sour recipes. Especially in the summer! When the temperature goes up, one of the things I really like to make is fresh lemonade, and if I have some leftover, I make popsicles out of it right away. Winner! This easy recipe is also a guaranteed success with the younger powerfoodies ; ) Happy... Read more


Overnight Chia Kickstart Pudding

This is yet another version of my kickstart breakfasts. Chia seeds make this recipe nice and airy (and they’re full of omega 3 fatty acids!), Medjoul dates sweet and the cashews make it creamy. I like to make this the night before so that I have a delicious breakfast waiting for me in the fridge in the morning.... Read more


Golden Apple Breakfast Crumble

I recently felt like eating a warm breakfast and came up with the idea of making a tasty crumble with my new product, the Golden Spices Mix, and the apples that I had lying around in the fruit bowl. This delicious, addictive recipe is quick and easy to make and, as a side benefit, it makes your house smell fantastic.... Read more


Golden Banana Bread

I’m currently addicted to eating this delicious, moist, sweet banana bread. I added a couple of teaspoons of my Golden Spices Mix to it and it makes the flavor even more special (and makes the bread healthier). The fruit makes it nice and sweet, but if you really have a sweet tooth, you can add a bit of coconut... Read more


Roasted Cauliflower Bites

I like to serve this easy and tasty side dish for parties or BBQ-evenings with friends and family. Always a hit! Sometimes, I’ll switch it up and serve it with rice or add it in a wrap. Yum! You can also grill them on the barbecue instead of in the oven.... Read more


Homemade Twix Bars

During the first few months of my pregnancy, I didn’t feel much like eating anything sweet. I really enjoyed sour smoothies and could eat pasta every single day. Now that I’m approaching the five-month mark, I’ve started enjoying salads more (thank god!) and sweet baked goods - which is why I’ve started baking... Read more


Spicy Mango Ceviche

I love ceviche. When it’s summery and warm out, I like to make this Peruvian side dish/appetizer on special occasions like parties, picnics or BBQs with friends and family. These past few years, we’ve tended to make my boyfriend, Sid’s version, which appears in the Powerfood - The Party Edition cookbook. But now... Read more