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Cauliflower quinoa bowl

You’ll steal the show with this quick meal that’s perfect for feeding a crowd. Today I made this salad for lunch at the office.. So yumm! Once you’ve prepped all the ingredients, it’s just a question of putting them together in a big bowl. Do you want to take the salad for on the go? Bring the tahini sauce on... Read more


Creamy tomato soup

I didn’t eat much tomato soup as a kid. My parents would usually make vegetable or ox-tail soup. And when I was at university, I used to eat canned soup (haha), which is, of course, much less tasty. But now that I know how to make soup that tastes this yummy, I eat it all the time – especially when I have company!... Read more


Crunchy Crackers

Making your own crackers means you know exactly what goes into them and that you can make them so much more nutritious than the crackers or crisp bread you buy in stores. On top of all that, they are so much tastier! I often eat these delicious, crispy bread-alternatives at lunch with homemade hummus or guacamole.... Read more



I have guilty pleasures… Sometimes I use gel polish on my nails (which isn’t very good for your nails it seems) and I can’t deny that I still enjoy dancing, half-naked, in front of the mirror to the Backstreet Boys. But to be honest, I don’t really have any weird or bad habits related to food. Because, guess... Read more


Thai Salad

I love Thai food! I love to make a whole table full of small Thai dishes at a time. And this salad is a favorite of mine. Salty, savory, sweet, sour and completely satisfying. When I make it, it feels almost as if I’m back in Thailand… On the beach, under a palm tree! Using a spiralizer to cut the vegetables helps... Read more


Vietnamese Summer Rolls

When we arrive completely jetlagged in New York, my boyfriend often treats me to these amazing summer rolls from this really tiny Vietnamese place. I love them so much that I wanted to figure out how to make them myself. I usually make about three at a time and take them with me for lunch. They’re amazing with the... Read more


Stuffed Portobello

Mushrooms are a good source of minerals, like selenium, which is precisely what you need to fight off autumn ailments. Enjoy these delicious stuffed portobello mushrooms, my fall... Read more