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Last week I made raw granola for the very first time. Wow, was it ever good! So sweet and chewy. I love it as a snack, but I also use it as a topping for my smoothie bowls and nice creams (banana ice cream). This ‘rawnola’ could also be used as the crust for a cheesecake. How handy is... Read more


Mango Chia Pudding

Looking for an extra special dish to start off a festive Easter brunch with family and/or friends? Try this homemade mango-chia pudding. Delicious! It’s a real treat to start your day with it. Tip: sprinkle it with a few toppings like grated coconut for the finishing touch! Happy... Read more


Love mousse

Love is in the air! The most romantic day of the year is here and that should be celebrated. That’s why my boyfriend and I always cook for each other on Valentine’s Day, which is truly the most romantic thing there is. We kickstart the day with this love mousse. You guys have to try it too! Happy Valentine’s... Read more


Happiness mousse

In some cultures, cacao is considered to be the food of the gods. Ooh la la! Goddess or not, cacao is one of my favorite powerfoods simply because eating it makes you happy. The banana and the avocado in this recipe guarantee that you’ll have enough energy to get through the entire morning. With this breakfast... Read more


Blueberry Pancake Layer Cake

This piled-up, pan-cooked pancake ‘cake’ is heaven! Ok, so it’s not the lightest breakfast recipe I’ve ever come up with, but hey, that’s what Sundays are for! My boyfriend and I ate this breakfast last week and it was so tasty! It really is worth a try.... Read more


Cashew brekkie bowl

This is a not-too-sweet, fresh, fruity breakfast option for warmer days. I love to start my day with it. The nuts and oatmeal keep me feeling full for quite a while, and the fruit is the perfect finishing touch!... Read more


Chocolate banana bread

After much trial and error, I’ve done it! The ultimate chocolate banana bread recipe! It’s perfectly moist and while it’s fantastic as a snack, it makes an even better breakfast. I make my slices extra thick and take them to go in a little bag. © Cameron studio, Lieke Heijn & Pim... Read more


Christmas Breakfast Cake

Oh how I love Christmas, especially Christmas breakfast. You can just go to town and eat whatever you want… Think pies, Christmas stollen and… Cake! Since I’ll be abroad this holiday season, I’ve already tested and approved this recipe for you ahead of time. I’m telling you… It’s delicious! And it’s a... Read more


Pumpkin breakfast cookies

These nutritious cookies are satisfying and healthy. They’re also easy to take with you on the go! Often in a hurry? Make them ahead when you have a bit of free time on the weekend and then you can grab a couple on your way out every weekday morning. These cookies are the successors of the breakfast cookies featured... Read more


Pumpkin Spice Granola

I love granola. I could eat it every day. It’s delicious with a bit of oat milk, sprinkled on top of my acai bowl or scooped up in a handful as a snack. Yum.This recipe is a bit more interesting than your average granola as it contains pumpkin puree, speculaas spices and is sweetened with maple syrup instead of... Read more


Chai-Chia Parfait

Yum! This delicious breakfast is an adapted version of the banana chia pudding, which I eat at least once a week during warmer months. This version is perfect for fall and winter because of the delicious, warming ingredients like chai spices and autumn purée.... Read more


Powerboost (on the go)

More energy in the morning? Hereby I present to you: the Powerboost! Nice to know: The banana is filled with fibres and healthy, natural sugars. Turmeric helps fighting infections and stimulates your digestion. Black pepper and coconut oil help with absorbing all of the healthy nutritients. Goji berries contain of... Read more