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Spicy Pumpkin smoothie

Sometimes it’s hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the winter months, isn’t it? At least I find it a bit tougher than usual not to indulge in all the tasty food that’s around at this time of year. Everyone has done their best, food is abundant and everything smells so good! After all these festive... Read more


Goji Berry Shake

Goji berries contain more than twenty minerals and eighteen amino acids. They’re renowned for keeping you youthful and healthy. These berries taste a little like a cross between cherries and cranberries and are perfect as a snack or as an addition to your... Read more


Hemp Smoothie

This smoothie contains hemp milk as a base ingredient, which is great for your brain and joints and helps produce the happiness hormone serotonin (same as cacao does). It's perfect for the vegetarians and athletes in our... Read more


Powerboost (on the go)

More energy in the morning? Hereby I present to you: the Powerboost! Nice to know: The banana is filled with fibres and healthy, natural sugars. Turmeric helps fighting infections and stimulates your digestion. Black pepper and coconut oil help with absorbing all of the healthy nutritients. Goji berries contain of... Read more

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