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February love!

Happy February powaaafoodies! To me, February always feels like the month that just dangles between winter and spring. You can still enjoy guilty winter pleasures like hot chocolate and sweet potato mash, but at the same time, I tentatively start dreaming of spring and lazy afternoons in the park, the warm sun on my... Read more


Banana Bread

I'm sharing one of my favorite recipes this week: a delicious, healthy and gluten free banana loaf! It's even better with some coconutcream and blueberries on top!  Picture: Julie Saverys @saverice & Olivia... Read more



When I was younger, I used to love eating sourdough, rye and whole-wheat bread. I especially enjoyed whole loaves, fresh from the bakery, which I could slice into thick pieces and eat it with butter and cheese! But, when I was 15 years old, I started getting stomachaches fairly often. It turned out that I had a... Read more