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Fresh fig cheesecake squares

They are super creamy and just look at how great they look with those fresh figs! I think they’re the perfect treat to serve when friends stop by for coffee on a Sunday morning. They’re also great for sharing at a party or… just for eating whenever you feel like it. I’m in... Read more


Granola bars

Here I go again with my handy snack bars. This time chocolate flavored! Why am I such a fan? It’s incredibly easy to make ten at a time so you can take one in your lunch each day in the weeks to come. Easy does it. ; ) Photo: Lieke Heijn / Pim Janswaard @ Cameron studio... Read more


Lemon bars

It’s summer! And that means it’s time to treat ourselves to some delicious, fresh dishes. I have a favorite recipe for every season and although my quinoa salad has received the honor for the past two years (it’s still in the top 10), right now, my lemon bars are taking the cake… Why not give them a try? ;... Read more