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How do I nourish myself?

I used to be someone who was always there for everyone. I think that it had something to do with insecurity. I didn’t stick up for myself and it required huge amounts of energy to keep everyone happy all the time (which, by the way, is something I’ve found out is impossible). I did nourish myself by taking good... Read more


Plant-based milk & yogurt

I loooove MYLK! (mylk = plant-based milk) ... Almond, walnut, oat, macadamia, coconut… I use it in so many power recipes, including my delicious oatmeal, breakfast muffins and smoothies. I also heat and froth it to add to my coffee (usually oat milk). I also love to add it to my favorite evening drinks like golden... Read more

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My morning routine

Seeing as my life tends to be a busy one, I really profit from routine and structure. I like to set aside a moment each day to get a handle on things. For me, the early morning tends to be a time to carry out my rituals, though sometimes I start prepping my breakfast the night before. I notice that when I’m... Read more

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Recap 2017

Hey Powerfoodies! 2017 has absolutely flown by, but so much has happened! Not only professionally, but also personally. It was precisely one year ago that I came up with the idea to write yet another new book featuring all of my very favorite party recipes. I really wanted to share these with everyone, as I truly... Read more

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My ultimate Christmas

Yay CHRISTMAS! I’ve always celebrated Christmas and enjoy it every year. When I was a kid, my favorite thing was going to school in my pajamas for the annual Christmas breakfast. It was also always so much fun to decorate our tree with Christmas balls and homemade Christmas cookies. For me, it always felt like a... Read more


Adaptogens: What are they?

I have a busy, but fantastic job. These days, I live in New York, the city that never sleeps, and business as usual continues at my office in Amsterdam. I fly all over the place, making my dreams come to life. I have a positive outlook on life and venture out of my comfort zone on a regular basis. All of this means... Read more

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Why I’m always so positive?

Why I’m always so positive? Of course I’m not always happy and life is not always perfect. That will be impossible (especially now when I'm running my own business, but btw by far the best decision I've ever made haha ;)) But what I realized years ago is how negative emotions affected me: they have proven many... Read more

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My top 5 pumpkin & squash recipes

As many of you may already know, pumpkin and squash are two of my favorite fall vegetables. And seeing as fall is just around the corner (the sun is still shining here in New York though! ; )), I thought it might be a good idea to compile my five all-time favorite pumpkin and squash recipes. Did you know that almost... Read more


Ultimate tips & tricks for a (summer) party

In spite of the fact that the sun doesn’t shine 24/7, there’s always a reason to throw a fun (summer) party. Isn’t there? Do you have friends, family or neighbours coming over soon? If so, I have six handy tips for you to help you turn an afternoon or evening into a lovely summer soiree. Have any tips of your... Read more


What’s in my fridge?

I love my fridge, so I thought it might be fun to reveal its contents to you… I always find it inspiring to have a look in someone else’s fridge. I’ll often sneak a peak when I’m at my friends’ houses. I really can’t live without a fridge. Back in the day, everyone had a cellar (I can even remember that... Read more


My big MOVE & On the Go

Hi guys! Here’s a little update from me. Right now, I’m in beautiful France, on vacation with the family and I thought I’d write a blog about all the things on my agenda in the coming months. In my vlogs (still in Dutch at the moment) and on social media I’ve already announced that I’m moving to New York at... Read more


My top 5 choco recipes

Heyaaa Powerfoodies! Did you know that today is World Chocolate Day? There’s no way we can just let this pass us by. Did you know that cacao gives you a pure energy boost, making it a great coffee alternative. Moreover, cacao is a natural source* of magnesium, which is protective against cardio-pulmonary diseases,... Read more


The icing on the Powercake

Dear Powerfoodies, I just got back from a day of shooting with the team and now I find myself on my own in the office. Right now, I finally have enough time and clarity of mind to write a blog. Because, man oh man, have these ever been intense but fantastic weeks. It all began with my trip to New York at the end of... Read more


Imperfections on social media

When I read this article last week on CNN’s website on the subject of how bad Instagram is terms of the mental health of young people, I was shocked. It seems that all those filters and edited photos just make people more insecure. This really hit home for me. What do people think of my posts? Do they derive energy... Read more


Zen in Cape Verde

Well it’s about time I shared a more personal blog post. Spring is now in full swing, which makes me such a happy person. Everything is starting up again and, on a personal level, I’m growing again too. I always feel like things are a bit more stagnant in the winter, which is fine for a while. In the winter... Read more


My kitchen cupboard must haves

My little kitchen is full of tools and tasty ingredients because a well-stocked pantry and a well-outfitted kitchen are the basis of maintaining healthy eating habits. Having a well-stocked pantry means you just need to grab a few fresh ingredients and you’re on your way to cooking up a storm. In the summary below,... Read more


5 ways to go green in… food

Last month I wrote my second blog post about how you can make your daily beauty rituals a little ‘greener’. This month I want to talk about my favorite subject: food! More specifically, I want to look at how we can make sure the way we eat is healthy and sustainable both for ourselves and for the planet as a... Read more


What’s in season?

I just love it when a new season begins. To me, the change in seasons signifies a new phase in the year, with different colors, inspiration and new (seasonal) fruit and vegetables. Yes! Whenever a new time of year begins, I like to use local, Dutch vegetables as the foundation for a new powerfood recipe. Something... Read more


Why I don’t count calories

I receive comments, questions and tips every day on social media. I really value this, as it means that people are interested. It’s so great that people are engaged! I always make sure that I reply to questions and contribute to discussions. I wrote my book, On the Go, in response to the many, many requests I... Read more



People often ask me about current trends. To be honest, I don’t really pay attention to trends. Lots of people assume that I do because I started blogging about Powerfood on renskroes.com (and elsewhere) about three years ago. But it was really just a matter of good timing! ; ) Still, I have noticed that I do get... Read more

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5 ways to ‘go green’ in… thinking

I’m starting things off with tips on how to adjust the way we think about things to help us live greener. For me, it all starts with what’s going on in your head and increasing your awareness. You need to ask yourself: what does sustainability mean to me? How can I apply it my daily life? And, what mindset do I... Read more


My key to happiness

Safe. That is how I would describe my youth. I grew up in the country without a care in the world. Most things in life came easily to me, right up until I moved to New York on my own. All of a sudden I had to stick up for myself and solve my own problems without the luxury of having my family nearby. It was tough.... Read more


A healthy start

Do you want to detoxify your body? I can help you with this. I think tips and tricks always come in handy, but they are just a small step in the right direction. It all comes down to doing it and maintaining it. Just try it out and see how you feel! Here are five tips for a healthier lifestyle: 1. Start your day with... Read more


Voilà, D.I.Y. toothpaste!

My morning ritual changes with the season. In the winter, I often start the day with oil pulling and in the summer, I give my body a boost with some lukewarm, lemon water. And from time to time I don’t feel like doing any of it and I just start my day with breakfast. I love breakfast! Starting the day with scrambled... Read more


A weekend full of herbs

Yes! I’ve finished all of the nutrition plans for this week, rounded off my interviews and meetings and I’ve packed the trunk of my car with loads of groceries. Check, check and double check! I’m totally ready to hit the road to Friesland, in the North of the Netherlands. It’s another one of those weekends…... Read more


Happy birthday to… me!

And, all of a sudden… it’s King’s Day! We Dutchies have to get used to this, since we’ve been celebrating Queen’s Day for as long as we can remember. And I have even more to get used to because Queen’s Day was always celebrated on my birthday, April 30th! Everyone would hang their flags and celebrate. It... Read more


Hola Barcelona!

I love Barcelona! Thanks to you guys! What would the world be like without social media?! I got off the plane ready to be inspired by the best restaurants, best little tapas bars and healthy juice bars and I realized – I had no idea where to start. I asked around on Facebook and Instagram and in no time, you guys... Read more


Sweet Dreams

It’s a wrap! The photoshoots for my book are finished! After all this intensity and rushing around, I’m really longing for a week filled with inspirational and new (food) ideas. While I’m writing this, I’m actually on the plane to… Barcelona. Si! I could really use a little boost, ‘cause I’m so so so... Read more


Coffee scrub

Every morning, I enjoy a big cup of coffee. I love the taste and smell of it and when I have a little almond milk in my fridge, I love to make a big latte. It’s true, you really can wake me up for a good cup of coffee! I always drink herbal tea or a glass of water on the side though because coffee is a diuretic and... Read more


This is it!

I’ve got myself a new guru! Her name is Wilhelmina Vingerhoets and she was the hostess and yoga teacher at the yoga retreat I went on in Mallorca, Spain this past week. It was amazing! I practiced yoga every morning with nine others; I hiked through the amazing natural surroundings of Mallorca and meditated at... Read more