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Carrot Breakfast

This breakfast will give you a great big shot of beta carotene. This nutrient found in carrots is good for your skin and your eyes. Does eating carrot in the morning sound a bit strange? Just try it! It’s the carrot in this recipe that makes this breakfast nice and... Read more


Apple carrot muffins

Last week I was out and about doing a variety of radio interviews about my new book, 'Powerfood - The Party Edition'. It was so much fun! And, of course, I couldn’t show up empty handed, so I baked these delicious apple carrot muffins that appear in my new book. In the book, they are made into one-bite cakes, but... Read more


Soft carrot cookies

Last week it was KINGSDAY! This is the day that whole Holland turns orange and we celebrate our King’s birthday, so much fun. For this festive day I baked these soft carrot cookies with carrots and raisins. So good! ... Read more