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Ultimate tips & tricks for a (summer) party

In spite of the fact that the sun doesn’t shine 24/7, there’s always a reason to throw a fun (summer) party. Isn’t there? Do you have friends, family or neighbours coming over soon? If so, I have six handy tips for you to help you turn an afternoon or evening into a lovely summer soiree. Have any tips of your... Read more


Voilà, D.I.Y. toothpaste!

My morning ritual changes with the season. In the winter, I often start the day with oil pulling and in the summer, I give my body a boost with some lukewarm, lemon water. And from time to time I don’t feel like doing any of it and I just start my day with breakfast. I love breakfast! Starting the day with scrambled... Read more


Coffee scrub

Every morning, I enjoy a big cup of coffee. I love the taste and smell of it and when I have a little almond milk in my fridge, I love to make a big latte. It’s true, you really can wake me up for a good cup of coffee! I always drink herbal tea or a glass of water on the side though because coffee is a diuretic and... Read more