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Family food

Whenever our mem would head into the kitchen (my father was usually the one who did the cooking), we knew dinner would be healthy. She made the most delicious stews and casseroles that were truly nutritious. Sometimes, we would even be served things like dandelion leaves (good for the liver) and nettles (blanched in... Read more


Double Choc Egg Cakes

Easter! It’s always one of my favorite times of year… Mother nature wakes up again, it smells like Spring outside and we usually get the family all together to celebrate. Easter brunch at my parents’ house is the highlight; think Easter stollen (see book: The Party Edition), croissants, eggs and tasty,... Read more

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My ultimate Christmas

Yay CHRISTMAS! I’ve always celebrated Christmas and enjoy it every year. When I was a kid, my favorite thing was going to school in my pajamas for the annual Christmas breakfast. It was also always so much fun to decorate our tree with Christmas balls and homemade Christmas cookies. For me, it always felt like a... Read more


Deviled eggs

 Spring is in the air! The birds have made their journey back from the south to wake us up in the   morning with their songs. I’ve filled my balcony with blooming tulips and daffodils. Spring seems   to automatically give you more energy. Getting up every morning is a little bit easier and going   outside and... Read more


Family Kroes Christmas

Christmas at the Kroes’s… My sister and I used to wake up happily on Christmas morning to John Lennon singing ‘Happy Christmas’. We would skip and hop to the kitchen, still in our PJs where we’d find our parents already preparing for Christmas dinner. Throughout the day, we’d play games with our... Read more