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11 x hotspots in New York

As you may already know, I’m moving to New York in September! I can’t wait. I really love the energy and bustle of the city. There’s always something to experience and there are so many fantastic hang outs where you can eat or pick up a tasty juice. Below is a list of 11 new hot spots that I love to visit when... Read more


5 ways to go green in… food

Last month I wrote my second blog post about how you can make your daily beauty rituals a little ‘greener’. This month I want to talk about my favorite subject: food! More specifically, I want to look at how we can make sure the way we eat is healthy and sustainable both for ourselves and for the planet as a... Read more


Only in Japan

When I was little, my mem (mother in Frisian) used to feed me slippery seaweed and chunks of tofu on a regular basis in addition to the five algae pills I took every afternoon. It was hyper-healthy and based on traditional Japanese ideas on healthy eating. Last month I flew to the land of the rising sun myself to... Read more