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Christmas Breakfast Cake

Oh how I love Christmas, especially Christmas breakfast. You can just go to town and eat whatever you want… Think pies, Christmas stollen and… Cake! Since I’ll be abroad this holiday season, I’ve already tested and approved this recipe for you ahead of time. I’m telling you… It’s delicious! And it’s a... Read more


Squash boats

Oh, the leaves are falling from the trees! It’s getting blustery again and it really is starting to get colder. In the Netherlands, my favorite season is summer. Everyone eats outside and there are so many (food) festivals to enjoy. This summer flew by way too quickly for me, so I’m heading off to New York! In... Read more


Homemade granola

Make your own granola! It’s much healthier. I sprinkle it over my oatmeal or eat it with some almond milk or atop my chia pudding. It’s satisfying and very nutritious and is free of refined sugar and other additives. Now that’s a good... Read more


Summer workouts

Summer time and the livin’ is easy… Time to enjoy the sun, see your friends, experience the long, sultry evenings and go on adventures. So amazing! It’s just that tropical temperatures and beach vacations can make it a bit more challenging to keep up your workouts. Since it would be such a shame to let all the... Read more



My parents know everything there is to know about healthy food. I have (literally) been spoon-fed healthy food my entire life. As a kid, everything we ate at home was local and Dutch, either from our own garden or from my uncle’s organic store, located about 20 kilometers from our home. There were no easy, pre-made... Read more


After workout foods

Good food plays a huge part in your athletic performance, staying power and recovery. Carefully planned, pre-workout and post-workout meals will make you feel super healthy and energized, both during and after your training! In the first two hours after you have worked out, your body cells are optimized for the... Read more