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A healthy, harty wrap

I absolutely love pancakes. You can eat them warm or cold, they’re absolutely handy to bring to school or work and they’re also easy to make! This week, I prepared a delicious and healthy wrap that I’d like to share with you guys! If you're hungry eat two of them... Read more


5 tips: Starting off the new year happy & healthy

Just one more night and another whole year will have gone by. Wow… Time flies when you’re having fun! For me, the new year brings with it new opportunities and renewed energy! Below are five of my own tips just for you to help start the year off right. Will you join me? Photo: Anne Timmer Write it down Take... Read more


Healthy hotspots in Amsterdam

We travel the world looking to discover new, amazing ways of enjoying food and delicious new dishes, but we will always love Amsterdam! Whether you’re a tourist visiting the city for a day or you’re a local who knows the city like the back of your hand, there’s always something new to discover and do. New... Read more


Only in Japan

When I was little, my mem (mother in Frisian) used to feed me slippery seaweed and chunks of tofu on a regular basis in addition to the five algae pills I took every afternoon. It was hyper-healthy and based on traditional Japanese ideas on healthy eating. Last month I flew to the land of the rising sun myself to... Read more