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Lemon Snow Bliss Balls

How great would it be to have these little snowballs on your table this Christmas? I’m pretty sure they’ll disappear from my table in no time this year - in my family, we’re all a bit addicted to anything containing lemon. They also combine well with my choco... Read more


A healthy start

Do you want to detoxify your body? I can help you with this. I think tips and tricks always come in handy, but they are just a small step in the right direction. It all comes down to doing it and maintaining it. Just try it out and see how you feel! Here are five tips for a healthier lifestyle: 1. Start your day with... Read more


Lemon love

I love lemons! Despite the fact they are not a winter fruit and don’t grow on trees here in the Netherlands, I always make sure I have lemons on hand. These acidic little fellows are rich in nutrients and help protecting your body from free radicals. But wait, there’s more! Here are five reasons why I always have... Read more