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How do I stay in balance?

I like to eat. Everyone knows that! And, yes, I do like to eat healthy because it’s what makes me happiest. I’ve been aware of my eating habits since I was young. My body doesn’t digest things quickly. I have always had the feeling that I don’t need to eat much to keep my motor running (I think this might, in... Read more

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Enjoy the process

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” - Nelson Mandela. We’re working so hard on a project at work right now (+ I’m writing book 5) and when I think about where we need to be, it all seems insurmountable. So much needs to happen! Picture: Anne Timmer But, just like with writing a book, at a... Read more


Big news!

Hello dear Powerfoodies,  Just a quick update. I promised myself that I would blog more, but I haven’t managed to much lately. I’m so busy. Let me tell you why… Picture: Emma Peijnenburg I’m working on a super exciting and big project in the Netherlands that I’m hoping to launch as soon as... Read more


Why I don’t count calories

I receive comments, questions and tips every day on social media. I really value this, as it means that people are interested. It’s so great that people are engaged! I always make sure that I reply to questions and contribute to discussions. I wrote my book, On the Go, in response to the many, many requests I... Read more


My key to happiness

Safe. That is how I would describe my youth. I grew up in the country without a care in the world. Most things in life came easily to me, right up until I moved to New York on my own. All of a sudden I had to stick up for myself and solve my own problems without the luxury of having my family nearby. It was tough.... Read more


5 tips: Starting off the new year happy & healthy

Just one more night and another whole year will have gone by. Wow… Time flies when you’re having fun! For me, the new year brings with it new opportunities and renewed energy! Below are five of my own tips just for you to help start the year off right. Will you join me? Photo: Anne Timmer Write it down Take... Read more