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Maple Tahini Spread

Yumm! The creamy spread pairs well with various flavours and textures. The pure maple syrup adds a nice subtle maple flavour to the spread. If you don't necessarily love maple, you can add in honey instead. Honey will bring a nice floral sweetness. It tastes great on crackers. Also good with peanutbutter :) ... Read more


Happy Valentine!

It is almost Valentine’s Day again – the day we send our sweethearts love letters, bonbons, flowers and other gifts. I like to think of Valentine’s Day as a good moment to be conscious of love in general. I believe that love is what life is all about. For the past while, I’ve been focusing more on opening my... Read more


February: nothing but love!

To me, February represents love. Love of my work, the boyfriend and myself – just going back to basics, really. After my very exciting trip to Japan, I’m really enjoying just puttering around the house on my own and things like starting the day with my favorite porridge and watching a classic movie with my sweetie... Read more