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Coffee Muffins

Sometimes there are those mornings when you don’t even have time to make coffee... when just the smell of coffee makes you think of that much-needed moment of calm. What if you’d made these muffins ahead of time on your day off? They smell and taste... Read more


Get up & go muffins

Lately I’ve been eating these super healthy muffins in the early morning. I make them in my free time so that I can just grab one in the morning on my way out the door. The ripe mango makes them nice and sweet and moist, and guess what, there’s even zucchini in there, which makes this breakfast even healthier!... Read more



Yes! Yummy, healthy, guilty pleasures! These are a great way to treat yourself or your kids. Beets are healthy. We all know that. They’re nutritious, and full of essential vitamins and minerals, they boost your metabolism and have a positive effect on your kidneys and, last but not least, they help cleanse and... Read more