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Oatmeal with cauliflower

I’ve been experimenting with adding vegetables to my breakfast. This time I added cauliflower to my oatmeal. You need to like cauliflower and it does taste a bit different from what you may be used to, but I really liked it. I’m curious to know what you think! Please let me know below the recipe. Tip: Found... Read more


Pumpkin pie oatmeal

It takes a bit more time to make oatmeal than it does to pour a bowl of cereal, but studies (and my own experience) tell us that eating oatmeal leaves you feeling full (and satisfied) for longer. The spices used here, in combination with the pumpkin and the applesauce, create precisely the warming and comforting... Read more


Black Mulberry Porridge

Black mulberries are a delicious dried fruit! What’s more, these berries are really good for you. They’re a source of vitamin C, calcium, fiber, iron and protein. Black mulberries are sweet and have a honey-like flavor and are a perfect addition to your muesli, oatmeal or smoothie. They’re also a delicious... Read more