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Pumpkin Petits Fours

These treats are cute and small, but are very filling. I make them even more festive by adding a dot of coconut cream, fresh fruit or even chocolate on top. So good! Photo: Lieke Heijn / Pim Janswaard Read more


Christmas cookies

Nothing can beat the smell and the taste of freshly baked cookies, don’t you think? For this Christmas I came up with a new quick recipe: peanut butter Christmas cookies. Yum!  Tip: Use a star shaped cookie cutter with a hole in it. This way you can easily hang them (with a ribbon) in the Christmas tree.... Read more


Workout Cookies

Working out makes me hungry! This is especially true after a good run on a Sunday morning. These cookies are full of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates, which is exactly what you need during or after a tough... Read more


Inca snack

The Inca berry is found in the high-altitude regions of South America. It’s an exotic and delicious organic fruit that not only tastes great, but is also really good for you! Inca berries are sweet, with a pleasant sour aftertaste. This delicious snack combines Inca berries with almonds, dates and... Read more