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Zucchini-basil soup with roasted chickpeas

It’s already fall, but my mem still has a whole bunch of zucchini growing in her vegetable garden. I was at my parents’ house two weeks ago to dig up old photos for my new book and I couldn’t resist whipping up a batch of my tastiest zucchini soup while I was there! It is super simple and delicious served with... Read more


Red pepper soup

The color, the texture, the flavor… Everything in one! That’s why I think this soup makes the perfect appetizer for Christmas dinner. It’s nice and light (you can make it a weightier meal in its own right by adding rice and cashew-feta balls), which makes it the perfect lead up to the next course.... Read more


Cashew-feta balls

These little balls are tastiest in soup or on the side - and then preferably with a thick slice of bread and some pesto! Yes, you can wake me up for that, anytime! I always make a big batch of the balls at once and put half in the freezer so I always have some on hand. Also great when you have unexpected... Read more


Herb Blend

Have you guys ever made your own veggie powder mix? It's so easy! You can use this mix to add flavor to soups and other dishes. Easy does... Read more



This cold Spanish soup is often served as an appetizer, but I love it so much that I can easily down an entire bowl full. It’s also great served as a hors d’oeuvre if you’re organizing a dinner party. It looks fantastic in nice, tall glasses. Buen provecho!... Read more


Veggie balls

This week I made a beeline to the kitchen to make… Veggie balls! This version is super easy to make. They’re delicious in soup, on skewers on the BBQ, or as a snack, dipped in... Read more


Beet soup

This is really a gazpacho made with beets. In the summer, this soup is eaten cold, but in the winter, it’s also delicious warmed up. This soup is perfect for bringing with you on the go in a jar or bottle. Just don’t forget your spoon! ;) Crunchy crackers are a perfect accompaniment to this soup. Yum! Lieke... Read more


Dahl Soup

In New York there is a street made up only of Indian restaurants. So great. When I’m in the city, I always visit one and order a filling Indian lentil soup. That’s the inspiration for this soup. With lentils, sweet potato and all sorts of aromatic herbs, this soup is extra healthy. A delicious, satisfying soup... Read more


Celeriac Soup

This wintery celeriac soup is quick to make and is perfect for when your friends are coming over. It’s deliciously creamy and satisfying and, of course, it’s healthy too! Celeriac is a good source of vitamin C, which is good for your immune system and helps keep your energy levels up. Celeriac is also high in... Read more


Pea Soup

There I was, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, stirring my new invention - vegetarian pea soup, which we all call 'snert' in Dutch (though that doesn't sound too appetizing). I promised the magazine Glamour that I would make a delicious - and healthy, naturally - winter meal for the #GenerationGlamour-party. Enough to... Read more