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5 ways to go green in… food

Last month I wrote my second blog post about how you can make your daily beauty rituals a little ‘greener’. This month I want to talk about my favorite subject: food! More specifically, I want to look at how we can make sure the way we eat is healthy and sustainable both for ourselves and for the planet as a... Read more


What’s in season?

I just love it when a new season begins. To me, the change in seasons signifies a new phase in the year, with different colors, inspiration and new (seasonal) fruit and vegetables. Yes! Whenever a new time of year begins, I like to use local, Dutch vegetables as the foundation for a new powerfood recipe. Something... Read more

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5 ways to ‘go green’ in… thinking

I’m starting things off with tips on how to adjust the way we think about things to help us live greener. For me, it all starts with what’s going on in your head and increasing your awareness. You need to ask yourself: what does sustainability mean to me? How can I apply it my daily life? And, what mindset do I... Read more