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Wake Up Tea

Good morning Powerfoodies! It’s a brand new day and what better way is there to start it off than with a delicious cup of Wake Up Tea, full of ingredients to help you get things cracking. I so love making my own tea! You know for certain that it’s healthy and you can adjust the taste exactly to your liking. This... Read more


Fresh iced tea

When I’m in the country side , I love trying out new herbal teas! I can’t help myself… I’ll drink about 1 liter of it a day! My balcony in Amsterdam is also home to an impressive array of herbs, but having a huge garden like this where you can pick the most delicious mixture of herbs is a totally different... Read more


A weekend full of herbs

Yes! I’ve finished all of the nutrition plans for this week, rounded off my interviews and meetings and I’ve packed the trunk of my car with loads of groceries. Check, check and double check! I’m totally ready to hit the road to Friesland, in the North of the Netherlands. It’s another one of those weekends…... Read more