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New: Amsterdam Hotspots

As I’m sure you already know, Amsterdam is full of amazing powerfood hot spots! ; ) In a previous blog, I provided a list of all my very favorites. But seeing as so many great new hot spots pop up every day, it’s time for a new list. Have fun and… bon appetit! P.S. Have a look at the complete list of my... Read more


My kitchen cupboard must haves

My little kitchen is full of tools and tasty ingredients because a well-stocked pantry and a well-outfitted kitchen are the basis of maintaining healthy eating habits. Having a well-stocked pantry means you just need to grab a few fresh ingredients and you’re on your way to cooking up a storm. In the summary below,... Read more


5 ways to go green in… beauty

What has really struck me is the ever-increasing choice that has become available in the realm of natural skincare and beauty products. Yay! I couldn’t be happier. It’s not only healthy eating that matters; in my opinion, what you put on the outside of your body is important too. Your skin absorbs substances from... Read more


5 tips: Starting off the new year happy & healthy

Just one more night and another whole year will have gone by. Wow… Time flies when you’re having fun! For me, the new year brings with it new opportunities and renewed energy! Below are five of my own tips just for you to help start the year off right. Will you join me? Photo: Anne Timmer Write it down Take... Read more


Healthy on the go… in 5 steps 

We’re all always on the go. Working hard, tending to so many social obligations and, all the while, hoping to find some time to relax. And on top of that, we also want to be fit and healthy (and stay that way). So how do you maintain a healthy lifestyle when you’re always busy? Here are my five steps ; ) Be... Read more


Feel Good Powerfood!

We love a healthy lifestyle and wouldn’t be able to get through a day without our powerfoods. More and more people are embarking upon their happy and healthy lifestyle and we couldn’t be happier about it! Still, we do sometimes get asked whether or not healthy food is more expensive than what you might normally... Read more


Summer workouts

Summer time and the livin’ is easy… Time to enjoy the sun, see your friends, experience the long, sultry evenings and go on adventures. So amazing! It’s just that tropical temperatures and beach vacations can make it a bit more challenging to keep up your workouts. Since it would be such a shame to let all the... Read more