Postpartum Overnight Porridge

If you’ve just delivered a baby, nutrition plays an important role in returning to equilibrium, which is why it’s so important to feed yourself properly. My own mama made me this creamy, filling bowl as breakfast in bed the day after I gave birth and I’ve eaten it almost every day since. In addition to making me... Read more


Parsnip Soup with Homemade Croutons

Have day-old bread you want to use? Then make this delicious parsnip soup with homemade croutons. It's nice and creamy with a crunch on top and loaded with vegetables. But also easy to make thanks to our new seasoning Gucot Herb and... Read more


Creamy Veggie Noodles

Now that I’m a mama, I definitely have less time to focus on cooking. So, my new approach is to keep things as simple and nutritious as possible! This recipe is easy to make and doesn’t include a huge list of ingredients. It’s a perfect option when you don’t have a lot of time, but still want to eat something... Read more


Health Glow Smoothie

Gucot Apple Cider Vinegar; my daily dose of health! Almost every day I drink 1 tbsp in a glass of luke warm water before breakfast. It makes my body very happy! But I also have days that I skip it or I add Apple cider vinegar (check reviews here!) in other drinks such as cocktails/mocktails and smoothies like these!... Read more


Lupini Bean Falafel

This tasty falafel recipe made with lupini beans and cooked in a frying pan is super nutritious and filling. The falafel is delicious served as part of a salad or in a pita (or even wrapped in a leaf of pointed cabbage). I like it best with the tahini dressing... Read more


Golden Apple Breakfast Crumble

I recently felt like eating a warm breakfast and came up with the idea of making a tasty crumble with my new product, the Golden Spices Mix, and the apples that I had lying around in the fruit bowl. This delicious, addictive recipe is quick and easy to make and, as a side benefit, it makes your house smell fantastic.... Read more


Golden Banana Bread

I’m currently addicted to eating this delicious, moist, sweet banana bread. I added a couple of teaspoons of my Golden Spices Mix to it and it makes the flavor even more special (and makes the bread healthier). The fruit makes it nice and sweet, but if you really have a sweet tooth, you can add a bit of coconut... Read more


Roasted Cauliflower Bites

I like to serve this easy and tasty side dish for parties or BBQ-evenings with friends and family. Always a hit! Sometimes, I’ll switch it up and serve it with rice or add it in a wrap. Yum! You can also grill them on the barbecue instead of in the oven.... Read more


Homemade Twix Bars

During the first few months of my pregnancy, I didn’t feel much like eating anything sweet. I really enjoyed sour smoothies and could eat pasta every single day. Now that I’m approaching the five-month mark, I’ve started enjoying salads more (thank god!) and sweet baked goods - which is why I’ve started baking... Read more


Caesar Salad With Cashew Dressing

This week I launched my delicious cashew butter on the Market (proud!), so I’ve been experimenting with the spread over the past few days. This plant-based, fresh and creamy Caesar dressing is to die for and is definitely worth a try! How do I make croutons?
 Preheat the oven to 180°C/350 F. Chop four... Read more


Cashew Butter Blondies

Ever eaten a blondie? It’s a brownie’s little sister… I think it’s one of the tastiest, chewy cookie bars on the planet and could eat one anytime. Preferably with a cup of coffee and a good book.... Read more